We’ve received late notice about the 2018 RVC Art Show. I can’t promise that we’ll be able to attend like we did the year it was hosted at COU because I haven’t spoken with Mr. Brosamle about it or even checked our calendar. I hesitate to offer to deliver entries for you because of schedules and the distance to CAM, in Anita (1hr 20min). Remember too, that we’ve only got 2 high school Art classes, since I teach mostly middle school. Bigger schools like Coon Rapids and Exira/EHK tend to dominate the conference show.
Be all that as it may, it’s important that I let you know about it and offer the opportunity. If enough of you show an interest soon enough, perhaps we’ll be able to arrange something; either a field trip or delivering entries a few days earlier. If nothing else, maybe some may be able to make alternative arrangements individually. We can discuss possibilities with Mr. Brosamle and Miss Knapp (the host Art teacher) to try to work something out.
Here is information Miss Knapp provided the conference Art teachers with today:



Rolling Valley Conference Art Fair

Tara Knapp, CAM Art Teacher, tknapp@cam.k12.ia.us

Art Fair is almost Here.  Packets have been mailed out to the schools with all of the information you will need. I am emailing you some of the basic information as well as forms you will need.   I apologize for my delay but I was waiting on some presenters to confirm. I am proceeding on with still needing one presenter but will let you know via email when I know. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Students will need to fill out their preferences on presenters/competitions as well as Teachers also need to send me a list of the 15 students they are bring with them for Art fair on April 26th. If there is a tricky name to pronounce please give a hint on how to pronounce so we can present their name in a positive way. The students need to stay in the building so if they are not eating they need to bring their own lunch.  Students will be staying in designated Areas as regular classes will be going on that day.

The last session will be demonstrations only.  This allows us time to judge the competitions. I will have schedules to hand out the day of the fair.

1–Magazine Cover Design: students will work to create a magazine cover for a fictional company of their own choosing, They will use magazine clippings to create the competition, design, and lettering.  Paper will be provided. Each school will need to bring Magazines, scissors and glue

2- Guess Who: Students will face each other one on one trying to determine how much they truly know about art and famous artists. They will have to name various pieces of Artwork and Artists.

3-Drawing Challenge:  Students will be challenged to draw items drawn out of a hat and combine several into one picture.  Items to bring: pencils, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers etc.

4– Cardboard Sculpture: students will work with cardboard to build a sculpture.   Items to bring cardboard, hot glue, hot glue sticks and/or  masking tape,


Painting Artist–

                                    Kendra Sorum ( 1st session only) Anita, IA

Painter/wood carver—

                                      Larry Glade from Guthrie Center

Colored pencil/ drawing Artist—

                                      Carolyn Guay Tessellations Artist from Perry, IA

Wheel Pottery–

                                         Artist from Guthrie Center

My art students are also preparing other activities to do as well, chalk wall, goose chase, possible photo booth. Please enjoy.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me