Fifteen Boyer Valley high school students braved the late April snow to attend the Rolling Valley Conference Art Show hosted by Charter Oak-Ute High School Friday, April 28. Four Bulldog artists placed or received honorable mention in the show and three more won competitions held the day of the show.

Students from eleven conference schools exhibited artworks at the show. Students from at least nine of the eleven schools attended. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in four of nine clinics and competitions during the morning. After lunch, awards were presented in the afternoon.

Freshmen Abby Davie and Kirstin Pafford won first anc second places in the sculpture competitions. Junior Justin Heaps won in the ScratchArt competition.

Sophomore Shelley Sherwood received 4th place in the pencil drawing category. Freshman Abby Davie received 4th in the photography category. Junior Jared Habrel won 5th place in the charcoal drawing category. Sophomore Megan Coberly received Honorable Mentions in both the acrylic and oil-pastel painting categories.

Above; Competition-Wining SkratchArt drawing by Justin Heaps and Model-Magic sculptiure by Kirsten Pafford.

Below; Megan Coberly and Shelly Sherwood participate in the grafitti-tagging competition, while Abby Davie enjoys the slime she made.

4th Place Drawing

4th Place Photography

5th Place Charcoal Drawing

Honorable Mentions