Boyer Valley will be offering ‘Web Programming & Design‘ as a year-long class for the 2017-18 school year

I will be devising a new course outline & syllabus until then. I know that it will include…

  • First Semester focus on programming; learning & using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5)
  • Second Semester focus on design; learning & applying design principles and layout strategies, using tables and WYSISYG editors
    • Self-paced learning utilizing Code Academy
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • 21st Century Skills/Employability components including business/marketing and legal/ethics considerations
    • History of the Internet & digital citizenship components
    • Iowa Department of Ed. standards & benchmarks for Information Technology (IT)
    • Introduction to & use of the “Design Process” and design-thinking skills
    • We may be incorporating mass media components; working with the school’s Website, yearbook & public relations communications
    • Commercial Art/Graphic Design & Digital Photography; Using apps to create our own visual content

Sorry- Here’s what we won’t be doing (in case you were thinking this would be something else

  • We probably won’t be developing mobile apps
  • Sorry, we won’t be creating video games
  • We won’t learn much about other programming languages like Java & Pearl, although we may learn some JavaScript if we’re lucky.

But, HTML is the foundation language for pretty much all other programming codes. It’s like learning Latin, once you do, learning Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese are all much easier. Once you know how to build Web pages, learning how to develop apps, programs and games in college will be much easier.

No, it’s not exactly an Art class, but then neither is Yearbook. Truth is, learning HTML5 is actually learning another language. In some ways it will be like taking Spanish or the grammar portion of English classes. In other ways it’s like a math  or science class, with formulas and symbols. In other words, it’s a pretty “left-brained” class. However, because of the design aspects, art students will bring a lot to Web class. And, since I’m an Art teacher, not a business or computers teacher, you can be sure that I’ll encourage the use of visual design principles.

After all, Science-Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) always needs at least a little Art to give it ‘STEAM.’

If you’re interested in taking ‘Web Programming & Design,’ let Mr. Marlin know in the Guidance office or look for it in the course catalog this Spring when you’re registering for next year’s classes.