There are five piles of artwork to be returned to students in the Art Room;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • 7th Grade Art
  • 8th Grade Art
  • Miscellaneously Submitted.

High school students interested in submitting your work to the Rolling Valley Conference Art Show; you may wish to leave it. But you may take it home, so long as you return it in March when Mr. Mallory calls for entries.

If you would not like your work to be submitted to the conference art show or used as an example in future school years, be sure to take your artwork home or destroy it on your own. All artworks left in the art room after the last day of school at the end of second semester, be come the property of the Boyer Valley Art Department and may be disposed or, recycles as art material or used as examples for future classes.

First Quarter 7th Grade Art assignments will be delivered to Mrs. Schaben’s Homeroom 9th period- artworks not reclaimed there will be kept in the MS Civics room until Christmas break, so that 7th graders in Mr. Brunning’s or Mrs. Marsh’s homerooms may pick them up from the Civics Room. After Winter Break, they will be stored in the Art room again until the last day of second semester.