JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT (Not for a grade, AKA “optional”) Reinterpret an favorite Christmas character the way Thomas Nast made Nikolas, the Greek Orthodox Saint into a “jolly old elf” to illustrate the famous poem about “the Night before Christmas,” or how Haddon Sundblom stylized Nast’s “St. Nicholas” into the grandfatherly American “Santa Claus” for a series of Coca Cola ads in the 1940’s & 50’s.

You may chose whatever character you prefer, Santa, elf, reindeer, snowman, Grinch, etc. Just make it your own. Stylize and characterize whomever you decide to paint. If it makes it easier, illustrate a song, story or legend.

8th Graders are doing this as an assignment and have to use paint- but if ANY of you would like to do it just for the fun of it- I’d love to feature your artwork on Arsonia- you may use whatever media you want; draw, paint, collage, sculpt, doodle, cartoon, digital, marker, ballpoint, oil pastel, photo, video, you name it.

Feel free to upload it yourself to the Artsonia gallery named “Santa Re-Boot,” email me a picture of whatever you come up with, or bring it to be before next Wednseday and I’ll take a picture of it and put it on Artsonia for you and feature them on the @bvartdogs Instagram account and here on our Website.

These are the men you invented Santa Claus!