7-9 “What does it mean to walk in a leader’s shoes?” Draw a classmate’s show & frame it with a message that their leadership inspires. Paint a historical artifact that shows leaders walking. What does the art say about the era and their leadership? Or Imagine yourself as a leader of another country. Draw a circle of shoes at a global leadership meeting you would hold.

10-12 “How do leadership visions impact the world?” Draw how you see the world and how others may see it. Sketch or etch embassy buildings and consider how global diplomacy impacts the world. Paint how students differ with backgrounds & individual strengths to collaborative leadership.

Artwork will be judged based on these criteria: 1) Connects to theme “Creative Leadership,” 2) Created with visual appeal, 3) Presents age-appropriate critical thinking, 4) Respond to theme with originality.

Let Mr. Mallory know if you’d like to enter this contest & he will take a picture of your finished work & submit it for you to Crayola. If yours is chosen as a finalist, we will complete additional forms and send the original work in to Crayola where they will be framed & donated to the U.S. Department of Education.crayola_logo_register-r